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Be Still and Know

Being still is such a hard thing to do!

If you’ve read the earlier blog ‘Divine Delay’, you’ll understand this one a little better.

I had another conversation  about the delayed paperwork for the new job, reassurance that it’s just a matter of time.    You can’t help but wonder what  the delay is about, it is comforting to know there are 2 other women  in the same situation waiting on the same thing I am; in different parts of the Country.

Having put my notice in at my current job and informing my customers  is an interesting twist, should I work a little longer than planned?  The questions and analyzing that surface during this time could make me a bit crazy if I let it.  Feeling the nudge to ‘Be Still’ keeps surfacing.

After dropping my daughter off for  practice I took a little drive to find
a quiet spot in the woods, a place that
always brings peace to my heart.

Silent little bugs that looked like flying dust particles, in the sunlight through the trees really caught my eye.  

Being still I heard the amazing ‘music’ of tons of birds signing.

Rustling leaves intrigued me, trying to figure out what kind of critter was there.   I explained to God that I was trying to listen.

A bird bouncing around pecking at the ground  made me wonder if they struggle with their identity and purpose?  What does their ‘community’ look like? It made me think of the verse in the Bible that talks about God taking care of them and how much more He takes care of us. Matthew 6:26 MSG

I journal a lot,  I journaled that I was confused by the delay but I have yielded my life to Him, I know he has the perfect plan already carved out for me.  Trying to trust  that this delay is part of that plan.

He has taught me over the years it isn’t the destination but the journey that brings this intimate relationship with Him. 

Be Still

I brought  this awesome book about an amazing man of faith, a friend turned me onto him years ago.  George Muller established orphanages in Bristol and founded the Scriptural Knowledge Institution.   The book is titled George Muller of Bristol, I guarantee it WILL strengthen your faith and prayers!   God has used his life of faith and prayer in my need of encouragement… every-time.

Being still, journaling my thoughts and concerns to the Lord then randomly open this book to page 174.  Tears brimmed my eyes as I read the words, filling my heart again with the hope only the Lord can give  in this simple but profound statement.

…But in leaning upon God, the Living God alone, we are BEYOND DISAPPOINTMENT AND BEYOND being forsaken because of death, or want of means, or want of love, or because of the claims of other work.

I also turned to my devotional book that I received as a gift from Women of Faith, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.    The entry for this days devotional that contributed to the already tearful place I was in.   

…I do my greatest works through people with grateful, trusting hearts.  Rather than planning and evaluating, practice trusting and thanking Me continually.   This is a paradigm shift that will revolutionize your life.

Being still, letting Him strengthen and encourage me in the quietness of natureListen, hear and know what He is saying, this is a summary our time together from the journaling, reading and scripture He took me to.

Lean on Me alone, you are beyond disappointment, beyond being forsaken because of death, or want of means, or want of love, or because of the claims of other work.  No matter what your circumstances, be content in Me alone and know that no good thing will be withheld from you as you walk uprightly.  Trust in Me with thankfulness as I lift you up above your circumstances and revolutionize your life!

Isaiah 12:2-3, Psalm 21:6, Philippians 4:4, Psalm 95:1, Psalm 9:10

This  was all about strengthening my identity in Him alone; not a job, no matter how wonderful I think it will be.   It’s about His plan not mine.

Being still in His presence  – why is it so hard to do when it is the greatest nourishment our souls needs?

So many distractions, so much to do, so many electronics.   All things I believe are designed to keep us from this precious time with Him.

Thank you Jesus,  I am so grateful you always have time for me!   You never let go.

I love you and pray this is an encouragement to others in their relationship with you!

Awesome music video…  Be still my child, be still


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6 thoughts on “Be Still and Know

  1. You are an amazing daughter and i love you so much! Love MOM


  2. Sally Lee on said:

    Debbie this is awesome…..thank you for blessing my life & showing me the Lord. My life has truely changed & is continuing to transform into his plan for my life, not my plan. Love you Girlfriend.


    • Thank you Sally for your sweet comment, you are an amazing inspiration to me Sally – it’s such a blessing watching you yield your life to His and the transformation you are going through – His plan not ours is so hard to understand but such a blessing. Prov 3: 5&6 are words I have to stand by. Love you!


  3. Ginger Brake on said:

    I love you, Debbie. You inspire me…


    • I love you too Ginger and miss you SO much – sure would love to get together sometime when you aren’t traveling. Thank you so much for the comment – you are such a blessing!


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